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Alok Overseas’s wide range of services encompass every stage, right from identification of universities till pre-departure orientation. This makes things easy and smooth for you, to effectively concentrate on your strengths and dreams – of studying in your Dreamland. The comprehensive service packages at Global Educational Consultancy (GEC) are highly cost effective and suitable to the diverse academic interests of students.

  • Our services are focused on YOU, the student.
  • We offer a wide choice of countries, institutions and courses.
  • We offer a personalised service from professional counsellors.
  • A ‘one-stop shop’ service.
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Our Featured Services

Career Counseling

Before embarking on the career of your dreams, you need to spend some time figuring out what those dreams are and how to turn them into reality. That’s where AO comes in. The first step towards this is self-assessment. AO helps you figure out what skills you’ve developed and the types of things you do well.


Alok Overseas will arrange accommodation that fits your needs and keeps your homesickness at bay. We provide assistance to the students for accommodation by providing detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation, hostel facilities, booking, payments etc.

Country & Institution Selection

In order to best serve you, it's necessary to spend some time getting to know your interests and preferences. Alok Overseas will develop a profile of your academic, social and professional expectations. Your academic history will be discussed in detail and as well as any extracurricular activities, athletics, talents, or community service.

Travel Arrangements

Alok Overseas (AO) will assist the candidate in airline ticket booking through different travel agencies at a discounted rate. Travel arrangements, foreign currency, insurance, bank account in foreign country, mobile phone service in foreign country and other facilities as well will all be taken care of by us.

Application Process

We assist you with the filling of online/ Paper based application forms, guidance in preparation of other documents like Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. This task is the most difficult for students, yet most important, and goes largely ignored. AO will guide you through the process.


AO assists you in scheduling the required tests, Filing application forms, scheduling the tests, giving the probable list of universities where the scores can be reported etc. AO provides imported study materials, CDs and computer-based tests to ensure that you get good scores.

Financial Assistance

Although college education can be quite expensive when taken by face value, there are plenty of financing options for students who may not normally afford the fees associated with higher education. From student loans to simple allowances, these funding sources can greatly increase your chances of finishing your desired academics.

Academic Pathway Planning

A large number of students continue to choose a career based merely on the fact that their friends are doing the same thing or because their parents told them to do so. This, however, may not be the best way to go about it. We at AO understand the dilemma of the students while choosing the pathways for higher education.

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